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42ee1d3be4fb51a9750160625a087607?s=50 Zane Van Dusen

What do you get when you cross an elephant with a hyena? No idea. But let's discuss at the next installment of our reading series for emerging writers, AKA renegades!

As usual we will kick off with wine/cookies/flirting, followed by readings from people we would put on pedestals if we could:

Daniel Schoonebeek
Cory Leadbeater
Aditi Sriram
Chris Fay
Larisa Sunderland

As you may know, Rich likes to re-gift little somethings he finds in his discard pile (i.e. the street, his closet, your backyard). So come armed with mad knowledge of our man Bieber and get ready for a s-u-r-p-r-i-s-e!!

We can't wait to hug you for way too long (on the 18th)!

721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn
2/3/4/5/C to Franklin Ave
8p; $5 suggested donation

Renegade Reading Series

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 8pm

LaunchPad (721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238) Map it $5

  • 42ee1d3be4fb51a9750160625a087607?s=50
42ee1d3be4fb51a9750160625a087607?s=50 Added By Zane Van Dusen
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