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Filmmaker Robert Schaller showcases his recent short 16mm pinhole films


Robert Schaller's Celluloid Visions

Echo Park Film Center (1200 N Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA, United States) Map it $5
Editor Pick
Editor Pick

The Echo Park Film Club's description of Robert Schaller's work is, in and of itself, enough to get you so excited about the screenings of his pieces that you can barely wait for Saturday to arrive. As you count down the seconds until the screening, read and re-read the text, below, and imagine yourself on that path towards the sublime and pray you'll get at least a fleeting peek at the irreducible splendor of existence.

"Filmmaker Robert Schaller shows recent short 16mm pinhole films along with other works, including his new film Mail for film and live cello. Schaller’s films present a re-envisioning of the world in which sight is filtered through the kind of rhythmic structures that more often characterize music, and the human tendency to reduce the seen to a name is frustrated by the fleetingness and ephemerality of images which instead defy easy grasp. He strives to create deeply personal and embodied visions of the physical world—of landscape and dance in particular—grounding the physicality of subject in an embrace of the materiality of celluloid itself. Celluloid film presents a wonderful mixture of the wholly immaterial image entirely produced by a wholly physical process. In this admixture Schaller finds a potent analogy to the human condition which his film work embraces: on the one hand, he pre-plans films down to the frame on paper and visualizes rhythms using a computer, but then builds cameras out of boxes and tape and strips of metal, makes his own emulsions and film stocks, processes everything by hand in buckets, edits on a light table, shoots with only a metronome and the slow-motion movement of his body as means to control to exposure, framing, and timing. Through this rootedness in the messy reality of process and presence he finds a path towards the sublime, towards a way to create and share at least a fragmentary view of the irreducible splendor of existence." - The EPFC

Kateri O'Neil, Editor

Robert Schaller's Celluloid Visions

Echo Park Film Center (1200 N Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA, United States) Map it $5
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More Event Info (http://echoparkfilmcenter.org/cinema/schedule.html)
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