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Safety Last! Screening

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The talented musicians of Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra return to the Rafael to accompany Harold Lloyd's spectacular thrill-comedy Safety Last! in its digitally restored version. One of the "big three" of silent comedians, Lloyd made film history with this 1923 gem and its iconic images of him hanging from a clock on the side of a tall building. How he got there is part of the fun in this riotous feature film, which will be preceded by a comedy short. Program approximately 90 min.
Based in Louisville, Colorado, Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra enriches the silent film experience with authentic music of the era. Members include: Brian Collins, clarinet; Dawn Kramer, trumpet; Emily Lewis, violin; David Short, cello; under the direction of pianist Rodney Sauer, who compiles and arranges the scores.

The Smith Rafael Film Center hosted Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra's first California engagement the very week the restored theater opened in April 1999. We are happy to have "aged" with them and welcome them back on the occasion of our 15th anniversary.

Mont Alto will also be performing at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, May 29 to June 1. Check the schedule at www.silentfilm.org

- http://www.cafilm.org/rfc/films/2018.html

Safety Last! Screening

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More Event Info (http://www.cafilm.org/rfc/films/2018.html)
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