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City Gem

The monthly bike ride to parts unknown through the beautiful San Francisco night

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

This ain't the Tour de France, in fact, this ain't the Tour de Nothing. This is bonding with new friends and old, glee and stars and an almost fast-asleep city, your road a waking dream with wheels that won't slip from your memory on waking. Don't you wish you knew where the ride was? Liar. You can't wait to be surprised, to know the clock of conformity can be outridden, to feel a new intoxication that doesn't involve throwing up in a cab on the way home. Of course you could paint your bike like a taxi and pretend to be asleep. In fact take this time to grow your own Mystery and bring it to the ride: there's space for all 12 speeds of it here, and you'll be welcome, and no one gets left behind, and there's plenty of places for hot coffee and hotcakes at 4:06 when the caravan dismounts.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

San Francisco Midnight Mystery Ride

Saturday, December 21, 2013 11:59pm


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