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Three day festival of avant-garde 'tape music' presented to an audience immersed in total darkness

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

What is tape music and how is it different than music on tape? Tape music originated as a subgenre of the burgeoning avant garde music that began to gain prominence in the early 20th century. The idea behind tape music is that it is composed for a recording rather than to be performed live, often incorporating ideas of atonality and what may otherwise be considered ‘non-musical’ sounds into a kind of cochlear cinema. At the San Francisco Tape Music Festival, thirty works are presented over three nights in which twenty four speakers placed around an audience totally immersed in darkness, experiencing music in a wholly new way.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

San Francisco Tape Music Festival at Z Below

January 3 – 5

Z Below (470 Florida St, San Francisco, CA) Map it $15

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