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Underground . . . Shrouded in mystery . . . Chock-full of brainiacs . . .

Small_d91f226631a69949b3e02483b0fc5b92 James Miller

Zero, one, one, two, three, five, eight, thirteen... Is math a human invention? Or is there something mathematical about nature itself? MIT physicist and author Max Tegmark doesn't think the Universe is just described by math---he proposes the Universe IS math. Take a joyride to another dimension as the Secret Science Club explores the multiverse, "quantum weirdness," computer models of the brain, and the probability of life in other galaxies. PLUS! Calculated cocktails and exponential grooves.

- The Bell House

Secret Science Club: MIT Physicist and Author Mark Tegmark

Wednesday, January 15 7:30pm


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Small_d91f226631a69949b3e02483b0fc5b92 Added By James Miller
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