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The Story Studio’s Level 2 Storytelling 6-session class expands on material covered in our 6-session class to help students further deepen their storytelling skills. In this class, students will identify and hone their unique qualities as storytellers and turn their stories into memorable and masterful performances. The bulk of class time will be spent performing, listening to and critiquing stories. At the end of the course, students will perform their polished stories for friends and family.

PLEASE NOTE: Students must take The Story Studio’s Level 1 6-session Storytelling course or an equivalent course before taking the Level 2 course. Please email jc@thestorystudio.org if you have questions about whether you qualify to enter this course before registering.

Visit thestorystudio.org/workshops for more information.

September 6-Session Level 2 Storytelling Workshop with David Crabb

September 9 – October 7, 2013 Mondays 7pm

CAP 21 (18 West 18th Street, NYC, NY 10011) Map it $350

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