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City Gem

What do sex, psychology, and shamanism all have in common? Join this steamy enlightened discussion.

Small_e4fb24e0fb82bd3df27f9b4b0059025a Kristen Boyer

What do sex, psychology, and shamanism all have in common? How can we use the relationship between them to learn more about empowering ourselves? Explore the inner workings of the deep subconscious mind in how we relate to healthy and deviant sexual relationships, power plays and our own desires to be seen through sexual intimacy. Panelists will explore their relationship these themes and connection to the authentic self as they relate to sexual empowerment, S&M culture, shadow work and shamanism.

Join us for a spiritually steamy discussion

Panelists include:

Kristen Boyer

Kristen Boyer is the author of Playing Karma: a former church girl's true journey from bondage to enlightenment, shamanic practitioner, and holistic health counselor in New York City. Kristen combines her training is psychotherapy, art therapy, nutrition, and shamanism to empower her clients to become whole through soul retrieval. Her former work as a professional dominatrix helps clients to integrate their shadow selves and empower them to embrace wholeness and self acceptance.


Arden Ariel Davies

Arden Davies is an intuitive healer and counselor who uses traditional Native spiritual practices in her work. She is deeply involved in advocacy and service within the Lakota community, and activism for Native American youth. She also runs a free counseling program for current and former sex workers in New York City.


Isis Phoenix

Isis Phoenix is Sensual Shaman, Ceremonialist and Wise Woman Herbalist who coaches individuals in the area of sexuality, spirituality, intimacy and relationship. Isis facilitates individual coaching and group Shamanic Immersions and retreats. She is also the founder of Naked Yoga NYC, a nude yoga movement that continues to gain international attention. Isis Phoenix and her work has been featured in Jane Magazine, Vogue, Elle, NY Post, BBC News and MSNBC.

Jill Fleishman

Jill Maya Fleishman is a poet, painter, dakini, intuitive energy worker and muse. She walks the middle path of tantra to serve the highest good and has also studied with many wise masters in becoming a mystic, a curander, an ayerveda healer. In her multi-dimensional incarnation as JD, Jill, Judith, Nuit and Maya - she digs deep into the darkness and the shadow parts with her clients and herself in order to channel the healing energy of the divine. She finds sustenance & inspiration through service to light a way in these chaotic times.

- http://metacenterny.com/

Sex, Psychology & Shamanism Panel

Thursday, November 21, 2013 7pm

Meta Center (214 West 29th st #16, New York) Map it $20

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