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When Malala was targeted for speaking out on girls’ education in Pakistan, it illuminated something.

C4dc4ff2cfeeeaf11e1dedb98e815184?s=50 Kathryn Pelkey

When Malala Yousafzai was targeted in October for speaking out on girls’ education in Pakistan, it illuminated something about Shahrazad and One Thousand and One Nights. As the Royal Vizier’s daughter, she had unusual educational access. She tells King Shahryar stories drawn from an empire that spanned Asia and North Africa and into Western Europe. Education saved her. With lives at stake, Shahrazad would not have relied on improvisation night after night for three years. She would have researched and prepared by reading and, most importantly, listening to others share their stories. Shahrazad 1001 by noted playwright and teacher Ramon Esquivel invites us to listen in. Deirdre Kelly Lavrakas returns for her fourth summer with NPYA to direct the reading of Shahrazad 1001. This play is appropriate for high school and college.

Shahrazad 1001

June 22, 2013; June 23, 2013 3pm, 7:30pm

Provincetown Playhouse (133 MacDougal Street, New York, NY) Map it $5

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