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**NY's most intriguing nightlife photographer opens her show at NY's most relevant dance club**


Silversquares Shine in Cielo December 5th 2013

Cielo (18 Little West 12th Street, New York, NY) Map it Free
Small_9da723d18bcf1936589cfb6caa401d5c Stefan Hakakian

Silversquares Shine at Cielo.
A Yuliya Skya Project, presented by DeKompression

Music, Art, Open Bar and Free Admission at 9 pm
Music by Stacey Pullen & Sonic Molestour

Identical sounds flashbacks tranquil tremors familiarity with history fragments of truth to hint at a whole catching up to a beginning, to 0, camaraderie, nonearthly romance, dancing bodies with unseen objets, dictating heartbeat, energie's ∞, rebellion, surrender, arm in arm with sound, nights through diamond's light that you are a part of

Silversquares is an ongoing account on rhythm and electronic sound, explored though photography of party movements in the United States and Canada, documenting lives of Resolute, Dance Here Now, Cielo, Blkmarket Membership, Pacha, Stereo Montreal, and others.

The vast truth is that this is the sound we know from birth. How does it evolve here on Earth and what will it evolve into in a 100 years? What do our bodies' reactions to sound and rhythm tell us? Energy and information is created when we channel music though our mind. Where can it take us and what can it teach us.

Listen closely.

Open bar and Free admission- 9pm art opening!

"The Silversquares project exemplifies the kind of event that Dekompression presents, as it [silversquares] makes an exploration, inquires about artistry and its impact, and at the same time, provides an experience for the attendees.

We strive to present events that push the artistic limitations of artists, djs and musicians, in the context of electronic music and surrounding genres- a "dekompressing" of artistic potential."

Silversquares Shine in Cielo December 5th 2013

Cielo (18 Little West 12th Street, New York, NY) Map it Free
More Event Info (https://www.facebook.com/events/211830162322986/)
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