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Written and Directed by: Reha Erdem



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One of the Prince Islands near Istanbul faces the decision of evacuation because of a possible earthquake. While most people are hurrying to leave the island, a small group of people refuse to accept this decision and they insist on staying. An apocalyptic atmosphere starts to reign on the island and day by day, survival becomes harder for those who are left behind. An unlikely group of distressed women struggle with their tribulations, united by extraordinary reserves of energy, courage, hope and faith. As the women transform their tragedy with songs of rebellion and life, they also infect the frustrated, never grown-up child Adem with the joys of being human. The film follows them throughout their inspiring, humanistic journeys into the different dimensions of existence.


  • 302f2a3ead2eaabdc552eeea4cf1be76?s=50
More Event Info (http://latff.org/event/singing-women/?lang=en)
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