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Ken Camden's cosmic oscillations meet an evaporating installation in DTLA. RSVP to attend!

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Ken Camden’s ambient arrangements could well be the soundtrack of the celestial sphere, composed in cuneiform notation in some ancient codex scrolling through the folds of time, yet suspended in the deepest recesses of neverending-cum-ever-expanding space. Camden’s musical oscillations sound, in fact, like early Baroque emissions or Byzantine troparion transmitted from some distant, parallel dimension, reverberating throughout the vast caverns of the cosmos, and siphoned through some spectral funnel into fuzzy frequencies bathing in a balmy, ambrosial resonance. During SKYLINE’s Thursday night sequence, Camden lends his cosmic instrumentation to a wholly appropriate installation that “seeks to reveal the slow/fast erosions/accretions of time and place in the urban environment.” Consisting of ephemeral materials and organic matter, the captivating piece, entitled “Evaporative Fault,” was designed to erode—through both “natural” phenomena and mechanical assistance—over the course of its 10-day installation, encouraging participants and passerbys to reflect not only upon the fleeting nature of the urban edifice, but also upon its vulnerability vis-à-vis the inevitable geological conditions and human development it encounters over the passing of time.

Kateri O'Neil Editor
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1106 S. Broadway
John Umbanhowar & Elizabeth
Umbanhowar Site
Installation #10

This musical performance is included as part of the overall SKYLINE 2014 event, being held in Downtown Los Angeles February 13 - 22, 2014. SKYLINE is a free, ten-day, annual architecture and art event that showcases site specific, experimental, interactive installations that embrace Los Angeles’ ever-evolving cultural landscape. During SKYLINE, architects, designers and artists transform unique, hidden spaces within downtown Los Angeles into destination places for visitors and locals alike.

Ken Camden will perform in Installation Site #10, featuring the work of John Umbanhowar + Elizabeth Umbanhowar, and is called 'Evaporative Fault.' Project description is below. For more information about the SKYLINE 2014 event, please follow this link: http://lerata.org/upcoming-projects/skyline-2014/

“Evaporative Fault” seeks to reveal the slow/fast erosions/accretions of time and place in the urban environment. Using ephemeral or fluid materials-light, salt, and water-the project engages passersby in noticing ineffable, sometimes ineluctable, processes that define and reflect the converging geological and cultural histories of Los Angeles. Lodged between the boundaries of defined architectural space, the street grid and amorphous “open space”, “Evaporative Fault” presents the viewer/participant with a conundrum-the apparent permanence and simultaneous fleetingness of the urban edifice and the ground upon which it stands. Architecture meets art meets landscape meets the human psyche. At once object and site, a wood/mesh/salt structure, poised tenuously between vertical and horizontal, appears as both wall and window. The structure acts as barrier, boundary and gateway allowing fleeting/slivered views to the other side. The pulsing beacon of light concomitantly invites and warns the passerby, of things that were and of things to come. Over the course of the 10-day installation, this salt/wood wall, seemingly impenetrable, gradually erodes, either from February rains, or a calculated mist of motion-activated spray. It is a specular quickening of the otherwise invisible (or deliberately concealed) natural and cultural processes that define geological time and human development. This perhaps overlooked corner of the downtown fabric is momentarily alight, a stage for the performance of human ego and environmental process, a space for confrontation, a moment of pause by which the accidental tourist, the glib go-getter, the engaged artiste, or the willing flaneur discovers, meditates upon, sees/touches/tastes/breathes, reacts against, or responds to material, moment and monument and in so doing, recognizes something familiar and his/her role in the (un)becoming of the city surrounding.



SKYLINE 2014: Ken Camden meets "Evaporative Fault"

Thursday, February 20 7pm – 9pm

1106 S. Broadway (1106 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA, United States) Map it Free

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