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Strategy performs an impressionistic soundtrack for a suitably kinetic installation. RSVP to attend!

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Portland musician, DJ, producer, and record label operator, Paul Dickow, adopted the pseudonym “Strategy” when he began producing his own work in 1999. Having played with such bands as Emergency, The Cold War, Two Noises, and the Fracture Line, he now also contributes to Sound People, Smoke and Mirrors, Fontanelle, Nudge, and One Human Minute. Fusing experimental, ambient, dub, house, and techno, he incorporates a signature Wurlitzer piano, vintage synthesizers, archived recordings of improvisations and band practices, multi-tracked live instrumentation, digital acoustics, “non-musical” sound, and old-school spring reverb into a gauzy, impressionistic musical composite that is not fixed in space or time.

During SKYLINE’s Friday night session, Strategy will perform in Installation Site #3, aka “Cerebral Hut.” Formed by a section of a truncated icosahedron, timber board, angled steel, stretchy paper panels, and stepper motors that activate plastic pistons, the kinetic installation created by Guvenc Ozel (Ozel Office) seeks to explore the ways in which our human psyche may influence our architectural surroundings and the built environment by establishing a direct connection between its own “thoughts” and those of its trespassers in order to activate a reconfiguration of its physical boundaries accordingly.

Kateri O'Neil Editor
Small_0aaae3703a9a7fff8b1127419193cbc5 LERATA Laboratory for Experimentation and Research in Art, Technology, and Architecture

Palace Theater
630 Broadway
Guvenc Ozel Site
Installation #3

This musical performance is included as part of the overall SKYLINE 2014 event, being held in Downtown Los Angeles February 13 - 22, 2014. SKYLINE is a free, ten-day, annual architecture and art event that showcases site specific, experimental, interactive installations that embrace Los Angeles’ ever-evolving cultural landscape. During SKYLINE, architects, designers and artists transform unique, hidden spaces within downtown Los Angeles into destination places for visitors and locals alike.



SKYLINE 2014: Strategy meets "Cerebral Hut"

Friday, February 21 7pm – 9pm

Palace Theater (630 Broadway, Los Angeles, CA, United States) Map it Free

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