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Sense your body's movement

42ee1d3be4fb51a9750160625a087607?s=50 Zane Van Dusen

Have you ever wondered how you sense your body’s movement through space? Uncover the mystery behind the experience of physical movement! This workshop will pull back the curtains to explore the neural underpinnings of our sensation, the vestibular and proprioceptive systems.

The Vestibular System allows us a sense of balance and spatial orientation. It is a part of your inner ear and makes it possible for you to tell what is up, down, and upside-down. Proprioception gives us awareness of our body position by sensing the exact position of each muscle and tendon in our body.

This workshop will not only provide you with an intellectual understanding of how the system works, but will allow you to integrate your knowledge physically, using yoga as a means to sense what is actually happening when you move. Come in order to understand, explore, and enjoy what happens internally when you move.

The Spatial Awareness Workshop will be led by Armen Enikolopov and Lara Saget. Enikolopov is a fifth year doctoral student at Columbia University. His work is focused on the integration of different senses in the auditory system. Saget is a licensed yoga instructor.

No experience needed!

721 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn NY
2/3/4/5/C to Franklin Ave
7p; Pay what you wish

Spatial Awareness Workshop

Sunday, December 22, 2013 7pm

LaunchPad (721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238) Map it $5

  • 42ee1d3be4fb51a9750160625a087607?s=50
42ee1d3be4fb51a9750160625a087607?s=50 Added By Zane Van Dusen
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