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Thrash punk legends with Terror and Trash Talk

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

All he wanted was a Pepsi, but you wouldn’t give it to him. Good thing too, the music video for “Institutionalized,” the 1983 single off Suicidal Tendencies eponymous debut, was one of the first hardcore punk songs to receive mainstream airplay, and catapulted the Venice Beach band from underground favorites to national fame. Through myriad line-up changes and breakups, Suicidal Tendencies have somehow persisted to this day, driven by the rabid loyalty of their fanbase and the dedication of lead singer, and only consistent member in their now thirty year history, Mike Muir.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

Suicidal Tendencies at the Oakland Metro Operahouse

Sunday, December 1, 2013 8pm

Oakland Metro Operahouse (630 3rd Street, Oakland, CA) Map it $26

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