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Performing Arts
D63f73c19932ece2f4d2f04eadb5fd8e?s=50 Harmon Leon

Have you been to TALE?

For eight shows running, we’ve been bringing you the best in NYC storytelling. (Storytelling is the new poetry slam, which is the new spoken word, which is the new origami, which is the new arm-wrestling.)

If you haven't been to TALE - come early: our shows are always standing room only. This month is one of our finest lineups to date.

Join us 9/24 for TALE #10 in the East Village. There will be storytelling (of course), drinks, and YOU! (Provided that you show up.)


- Ted Rall (Political Cartoonist and Author)

- Betty Goldstein (The Moth Grandslam)

- JD Cerna (Not As Cute As Picture)

- Terri Mintz (Sit n Spin)

- Cassie J Sneider (The Worst)

- Annie Korzen (Seinfeld)

Music: Andrew Klewan

“Like” us at: Facebook.com/talenyc

More info at:harmonleon.com/tale-nyc

- http://Facebook.com/TALENYC

TALE: NYC's Best Storytelling

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 8:30pm

Three of Cups (83 1st Ave, Manhattan, NY 10003) Map it $5

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D63f73c19932ece2f4d2f04eadb5fd8e?s=50 Added By Harmon Leon
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