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The influential 81-year-old electronic art musician, accordionist & composer performs at ISSUE


Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain: Pauline Oliveros: “Primordial Lift” / Olivia Block

ISSUE Project Room (22 Boerum Place, Brooklyn, New York, NY) Map it $15

Pauline Oliveros, composer, performer, author and philosopher, has left a profound imprint American music through her decades of work with improvisation, electronic music, teaching, myth, ritual and meditation. Now celebrating her 81st year, Oliveros returns to ISSUE as part of Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain for a performance of Primordial Lift (1998), a surreal work for large ensemble centered around a low frequency oscillator, mirroring the resonant frequency of the earth. Chicago-based composer Olivia Block presents the World Premiere of Dissolution (2013), a solo performance crossing field recordings, recorded dialogues, and live processing in a meditation on mistranslation, interference, and disruption.

Pauline Oliveros' Primordial Lift (1998) structures the musicians' performances around a low frequency oscillator, a mirror to the resonate frequency of the earth in its acceleration from 7.8 to 13hz and beyond— at which point the magnetic fields of the earth pass through a zero point and a polar shift will occur. The performers play an abstract mass of guitar, violin, glass drones and accordion as the oscillator matches a steady, imperceptible shift in amplitude in step from 7.8hz through 13hz (“Primordial”) for the first 45 minutes, then plateaus for a further 30 (“Lift”). Tonight marks the third performance of this complex and surreal work. Primordial Lift was last performed at ISSUE in 2010, released as a double-LP on Tiaga in 2012.

Dissolution (2013, World Premiere) is a solo performance piece by Olivia Block, composed mainly of pre-recorded unscripted conversations that are layered, obscured and revealed through various live processing techniques. There are few decipherable words, only somewhat recognizable linguistic and emotional sound-patterns and inflections. These fleeting glimpses of language are submerged in a haze of patterns and field recordings. Vintage walkie talkies, analog processing devices, and micro-cassette recorders are paired with a single white cathode light. Other instruments in the piece include amplified autoharp, metal objects, and small electronic instruments. Dissolution is both a sound/musical performance and a personal meditation about the failings and complications of sound-communication--the misunderstandings and mistranslations, interference and disruptions.

Mindy Bond, Editor

Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain: Pauline Oliveros: “Primordial Lift” / Olivia Block

ISSUE Project Room (22 Boerum Place, Brooklyn, New York, NY) Map it $15
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