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Immersive, intense, free, week-long workshops connecting food, Jewishness, & modern culture.

Tent: Food LA is a weeklong immersive seminar teaching emerging chefs, restaurateurs and food enthusiasts ages 21-30, how Jewish food has impacted and influenced the culinary scene. Attendees get a unique opportunity to interact with iconic culinary figures, like Susan Feniger and Evan Kleiman.

Workshops will include a seminar by Celebrity Chef Susan Feniger discussing the use of ethnic food as the basis for contemporary cuisine; meeting the innovators of L.A.’s booming food truck revolution; discussing L.A.’s culinary fusion with local food writers; networking with some of L.A.’s top restaurateurs; developing and prepare a re-imagined Passover Seder dinner; and sampling from open-air food markets. This program is led by Leah Hochman, Director of Judaic Studies at USC, and Evan Kleiman, chef and radio host of “Good Food.”

Karin E. Baker Editor

Tent: Food LA

March 16 – 22

Skirball Cultural Center (2701 N Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA) Map it Free

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