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A panel discussion presented by FIT"s Art Market MA program.

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The integration of rapidly evolving technology in our daily lives has influenced — and continues to redefine — artistic expression and our assumptions about the accessibility and durability of works of art. An increased ease of viewing and sharing digital art on multiple platforms can imply a level of free use that complicates an artwork’s reception and authorship. The panel will discuss a range of issues of interest to those who make, market, consume, and seek to collect intangible art.

Presented by the students of the Art Market program at the School of Graduate Studies, Class of 2014.

Carla Gannis - Artist and Assistant Chairperson of Digital Art, Pratt Institute

Paul Galloway - Study Chair Supervisor, MoMA Department of Architecture and Design
Daniel Leyva - Artist and Web Designer
Kelani Nichole - Curatorial Director, Transfer Gallery
Chris Romero - Associate, Bitforms Gallery
Mark Tribe - Artist, Writer, and Founder, Rhizome

Terms of Use: The Creation & Experience of Digital Art

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 7pm – 9pm


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36118a8425fa77b2c4b0b049fc4811fa?s=50 Added By Karen Cavolo
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