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Celebrate the anniversary of Moby-Dick's publication at this literary-tinged variety show

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Last year, a bunch of Moby-Dick-heads celebrated the anniversary of the novel's publication with a marathon reading that swam between three bookstores and lasted three days. It was an epic and storied affair and the group promises to revisit it again in 2014. In the meantime, rather than let the book's birthday go by un-feted, WORD has organized a special one-night only whaling and Melville variety show. Lincoln Michel of Gigantic has prepared a book report, Nick Douglas is previewing "Moby-Dick" the sitcom and Brigid Harmon presents "I Spent Three Years on a Whaleship and All I Got Was Scruvy." Plus, you'll find Moby-Dick trivia, spelling challenges, giveaways, clam chowder, Harpoon beer and so much more. Just grab yourself a call me Ishmael name tag and we'll see you at the party.

Mindy Bond Editor

Thar She Blows: Whale Tales, Sea Shanties, and More Melvillainy

Friday, November 15, 2013 7pm

WORD (126 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, NY) Map it Free

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