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Introduction to the history and skills behind the art of graffiti

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

There was a time when the myriad tags blanketing the city were considered the aesthetic equivalent of litter by most people, the pervue of untalented criminals with nothing but time on their hands. Once written off as the lawless scribbles of hoodlums and vandals, though, graffiti seems to have finally entered the mainstream as a legitimate art form. At 1AM Gallery, learn the history behind the medium and the rudiments you need to get started on your own works at their The Art of Graffiti: Intro Class. By the end of the three hour course, you’ll get to test your skills behind with a can and walk out with some nifty new skills and a complimentary notebook.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

The Art of Graffiti: Intro Class at 1AM Gallery

Saturday, January 4 12:30pm

1AM Gallery (1000 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA) Map it $55

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