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The Circle Unbroken is a Hard Bop. Written by Sekou Sundiata.


"The Circle Unbroken is a Hard Bop"

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651Arts presents Sekou Sundiata’s seminal work The Circle Unbroken is a Hard Bop (1992), re-imagined and directed by Kamilah Forbes. This multilayered performance work, which propelled Sundiata into the world of theater, tells a story of three African American artists—an expatriate dancer, a poet, and a musician—who come of age during the political and cultural movements of the late 1960’s and ‘70s. Featuring Carvens Lissant, Traci Tolmaire and Craig MuMs Grant with choreography from Adia Whitaker. Tickets are: $10 and will take place at LIU's Kumble Theater. For more information visit: www.651ARTS.org.

To learn more about the late poet, writer, and educator Sekou Sundiata, visit: http://www.sekousundiata.org/mapp/web/gallery

- http://www.651ARTS.org

"The Circle Unbroken is a Hard Bop"

More Event Info (http://www.651ARTS.org)
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