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Small_2a9c202538d7085877443eb9d4b9d44d Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Brooklyn's own Small Black is headlining The Deli's collaboration with Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Small Black has really grown into indie brooklyn music zeitgeist, showcasing their glo-fi sound with rhythmic grooves. Their latest album, Limits of Desire, might be their break out as they have frequently been on the radar of many. The Brooklyn Night Bazaar presents an intimate venue that will work with Small Black's sound and Brooklyn should be out in full force to represent them. Twintapes, Brothertiger and Lip Talk will be supporting for the night.



- Matt Dorville, Flavorpill

The Deli Presents: Small Black, Twintapes, Brothertiger, and Lip Talk

Friday, December 13, 2013 6pm – 12am

Brooklyn Night Bazaar (165 Banker Street, Brooklyn 11222) Map it Free

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