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3LD presents a high-tech virtual bus tour of the city & a peek into the daily ennui of a tour guide

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

3LD is the most reliable venue in the city for immersive, inovative and technologically dazzling theatrical experiences. Their new show places the audience on a constructed oversized double-decker bus roof as the streets of Manhattan roll by on real-time wall-sized projections surrounding the crowd. The effect is startlingly real, only interrupted when the off-bus scenes are enacted below the crowd in see-through plexiglass rooms; the action is then projected live on the same surrounding screens for ease of viewing. As you enjoy the hilarious tour guide's narration on the city's history and gentrification, often interrupted by his ex-girlfriend or by his attempts to seduce foreign female tourists, you can actually buy beer and hot dogs from the cart at the back of the bus or point out city sights to your neighbor. The ride is thoroughly entertaining and truly transportive in every sense of the word.

John Peacock Editor

The Downtown Loop

October 15 – November 16, 2013 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 8pm

3LD Art & Technology Center (80 Greenwich Street, New York, NY) Map it $25

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