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City Gem

We are taking marijuana from the shadows to the heights of NYC's skyline.

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22nd Floor - The time has come for New Yorkers to ask where we go from here. Our friends and family in the west and New England have freedoms we don't have and our local friends of color are constantly harassed by the police about cannabis.

I. How do we push state government to enact an initiative process in the state of New York so that people can vote on issues like cannabis.

II. How do we approach local community groups, unions, and police organizations for input on moving forward with their support.

III. What would legalized cannabis or medical cannabis look like in NYC and NY State? Our culture is very different from California or New England, how will it be applied in a city of this magnitude?

These and many more questions will be asked.

Marijuana is going from the shadows to the heights of Manhattan's skyline with a panel discussion on the future of cannabis in New York.

- Open Cannabis

The Future of Cannabis in New York

Thursday, January 23 7pm – 9:30pm

Grind Broadway (1412 Broadway, New York, NY) Map it Free

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