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For those interested in innovative architecture, design, and technology


The Future of the Lowline

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Come learn about The Future of The Lowline from its founders. Dan Barasch and James Ramsey have worked tenaciously to transform a long abandoned underground Lower East Side train yard into an extraordinary public space. Using specially created mirrors to channel in and amplify natural sunlight, their creation will also depend on strong public/private partnerships. If you’re a fan of innovative architecture, design, technology or development, you’ll want to hear how they are making it happen and get a glimpse of their futurist vision:


Admission is $2 - cash at door only - small bills please.
Twitter: @BKFuturist

For a Chance to Win a Free Book, Leave a Business Card at our event. They are courtesy of our sponsor - Focal Press:
Create Your Own Website - Using Wordpress in a Weekend - by Alannah Moore
How to Cheat in Photoshop Elements 11 by David Asch

The Future of the Lowline

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More Event Info (http://www.meetup.com/BLKNY30/)
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