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A showcase where you can participate in at least three of America's most ridiculous new game shows.

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People from all across America have submitted ideas for the wackiest and most expensive game shows on earth. At this showcase, we will try out three lucky shows with the help and participation of our gracious live audience. Previous showcases have featured ideas like "How Much Soup Can You Eat While Some Man Tells a Story about a Diarrhea Experience" and "Chase the Rat". After we've attempted to recreate all three shows, audience members get the chance to vote on which idea gets to go straight to TV. Hosted by Jo Firestone

A showcase of the most bizarre and overly expensive never-before-seen game shows.

The Incredible Game Show Showcase

Tuesday, January 14 8pm

UCB Theatre - East (153 East 3rd Street, New York, NY) Map it $5

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