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The enigmatic and ever-mutating Swedish experimental conceptualists perform one exclusive LA date.


The Knife

Fox Theater Pomona (301 S Garey Ave, Pomona, CA 91766, United States) Map it $30
Editor Pick
Editor Pick

The Knife, the enigmatic electronic conceptualist duo that has been absent from the live scene since the astonishing Silent Shout tour in 2006, makes an exclusive LA-area appearance sandwiched between two Coachella dates. And while Pomona may be a trek, it’s worth the detour: The Swedish duo’s live show never disappoints. After revealing that a handful of European shows in support of their latest album, Shaking the Habitual, would begin with 'DEEP Aerobics' (short for "Death Electro Emo Protest Aerobics") and would include "Danceoke,” the band took to the road for a round of performances last year. The show, which features choreography inspired by drag, vogueing and miming, has pushed both buttons and boundaries, with adjectives like “challenging,” “unconventional,” and “uncomfortable” not uncommon in reviews. Indeed, as The Independent pointed out, "some people just can’t stand to have their boundaries gently nuzzled, let alone pushed.” Described by The Guardian as “an absurdist sci-fi rave, complete with retro-futurist instruments, strobe lights and glow-sticks," the show was praised for its disruptive capabilities by The Quietus, which heralded it as "a triumph of displacement and mistaken identity.” While the post-avant-garde theatrics may take mainstream audiences out of their comfort zone, fans of the provocative Swedish pioneers will appreciate the band’s ability to reinvent itself—keeping fans forever on their toes—and to deliver a spectacle that’s always surprising, stimulating, subversive, and utterly enthralling.

Kateri O'Neil, Editor
Small_5c1cb2d663c9d3af9ed90252aa2a999e Danielle Magee

In May 2012 a group of people met for a jam session.

They talked, danced, played, discussed, listened, read some books, tried things out, started to produce things, changed their minds, rehearsed, had more jam sessions, and invited other people to join.

The project grew, and a year later the group was twice the size and ready to tour the Shaking the Habitual Show.

The Shaking the Habitual project consists of many different parts and continues to be an ongoing process – the videos by Marit Östberg & Co, Kakan Hermansson and Roxy Farhat, comics by Liv Strömqvist, texts by Jess Arndt, lyrics by Emily Roysdon, graphic design by SM Studio/Martin Falck, the warm-up act DEEP AEROBICS, and the live show are all part of this movement. We move to be moved!

The team behind the show, also known as Sorkklubben, is a temporary and expanding community that grows and jiggles. Together we made a performance based on collective joy, effort and sweat.

- The Knife

The Knife

Fox Theater Pomona (301 S Garey Ave, Pomona, CA 91766, United States) Map it $30
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