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A story of brotherhood, shared dreams and the redemptive power of hope.

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Set against the taupe backdrop of Reno, Nevada, "The Motel Life" follows a pair of unfortunate brothers as they struggle to survive with nothing but their mutual love and a gun as assets. Jerry Lee (Stephen Dorff) is the feeble-minded ne'er-do-well elder brother, while Frank (Emile Hirsch) remains the backbone of the stripped-down family unit, seeking to temper the duo's hopeless situation with forays into a fantastical imaginary world, cinematically rendered in a compelling brand of animation by Mike Smith. Given the nature of the film, it makes sense that it should be directed by a pair of brothers as well: Alan and Gabriel Polsky, whose work has garnered the support of Werner Herzog. And if Herzog likes it, we're not about to argue.

- Tanja M. Laden, Flavorpill

The Motel Life

November 8 – 22, 2013

Various Hollywood Locations (Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, United States) Map it

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