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Why Coral Gables? The American premiere of "Waiting for Godot" took place there in 1956.

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Jackie Gleason famously said it at the start of each TV show, but it or something close to it has been encouragingly echoed by teachers, coaches, and in Terrence McNally's endearing "And Away We Go," a stage director. The great unknown here is theater itself. A six-member cast play the players in Athens, London, Versailles, Moscow, Coral Gables and a contemporary repertory company not unlike The Pearl. McNally's transposing of eras is seamless. His tight, affectionate writing is also enhanced by a memorable stage design of a backstage area overstuffed with props. The play is also loaded with references and jokes that both theater majors and the "non-initiated" will get (particularly one about new honorary Oscar recipient Angela Lansbury). Each actor sticks to his or her type: the veteran (Dominic Cuskern), ingénue (Rachel Botchan), theater lover (Carol Scultz), aspirant (Micah Stock), group leader (Sean McNall) and associate who doesn't miss a trick (Donna Lynne Chaplin). Their characters work in greatly innovative theater eras but are not famous themselves. Their love and commitment counts for so much more.

Patricia Contino Editor

The Pearl presents Terrence McNally's "And Away We Go"

November 12 – December 21, 2013

The Pearl (555 West 42nd Street, New York, NY) Map it $65

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