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Be prepared for magical interventions, creative seduction, and plenty of white feathers


the crystal ball

Secret NYC Location (NYC, NY) Map it $40
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Editor Pick

After a 14-day journey across Europe and the Middle East, the crystal express is reaching its final destination and throwing one final art spectacle to celebrate. A project of the Rabbit Hole, a mischievous art collective who have created shows in all sorts of unusual places, the crystal express found seven award-winning artists visiting seven cities with the mission of "exploring connectivity across borders, countries and cultures." Tonight's crystal ball is the culmination of their grand artistic excursion and invites the curious to be part of an enchanting theatrical and multisensory experience filled with sights, sounds, music and art. To attend, you must follow the white rabbit through a virtual labyrinth filled with clues and keys. The magical adventure begins above by clicking RSVP, password: crystals.

Mindy Bond, Editor
Small_5c1cb2d663c9d3af9ed90252aa2a999e Danielle Magee

"on June 13th, 2012 5 acclaimed award winning artists were selected to embark on "the crystal express" - a 14 day train journey from Barcelona to Tel Aviv. they traveled and interacted with communities across western and eastern Europe and the middle east, strategically stopping in 7 cities. their task was to explore connectivity across borders, countries and cultures, and to generate individual responses to the following question: what happens when we deconstruct all the paradigms, open all the borders and explore connectivity using our most powerful technology…..the senses?”

On February 15th, "the crystal express" reaches its final stop, new york city for a one-night only exhibition called - the crystal ball – to reveal the discoveries and artistic conclusions of this mystical journey.

The mischievous group of artists and influencers known collectively as the rabbit hole (1400+ members in 56 countries) are those behind this initiative, hosting the crystal ball in their usual mystifying manner; a secret location. guests wishing to attend the invitation-only event follow the rabbit hole’s chief, the white rabbit, through virtual labyrinths they navigate with clues and keys. those who succeed in the rabbit hole’s inquiry will be escorted to the ball, which promises to trigger the senses with sights, sounds, music and art designed to celebrate the essence of all magical journeys.

The crystal ball will mark the launch of the rabbit hole’s international residency program based on the notion of “the pilgrimage,” celebrating the conclusion of the first project, the crystal express. the works of resident artists will be revealed for the first time, against the backdrop of a theatrical and sensory experience, trademarked techniques of the rabbit hole’s dramaturgy.

Through the white rabbit website – 101010n.com - those who attend will involve themselves in a thought dialogue about connectivity, a chain reaction that weaved its way through 7 cities, beginning at the journey’s launch city, barcelona. there, the first crystal ball was held at the Spanish city’s main train station ballroom, where a sold out show seduced its attendees to discover trap doors, red keys at a local bodega, as well as hanging carrots with their submissions about connectivity hand-inscribed.

Event details are kept under wraps for this event, however plenty of creative seduction, magical interventions are in store for the evening. previously, the rabbit hole has created shows and installations at the Chelsea art museum, aboard a time traveling double decker bus in new york city, as well as Istanbul's bosphorus sea ferry, tribeca’s l gallery, and Berlin's s-bahn, among others.

about the rabbit hole residency:
the purpose of the residency is to integrate the practice of pilgrimage into the exchange of ideas and inspiration found in traditional programs. in designing the program, rabbit hole founder Samina Virani creates a means for artists to explore the magical realism of archetypal journeys while traveling as a community. artists are free to immerse themselves in the cultural and philosophical inquiries that typically emerge through independent travel but are encouraged to share their inspiration and impressions. storytelling and interventions are central to their journey. instead of retreating from the world, artists engage with it directly and allow travel to impose directly on their practice.

“the process of pilgrimage is to reinvent, deconstruct, to melt into mythologies, and to become storytellers" - founder, Samina Virani

to get into the rabbit hole: www.101010n.com ; password: crystals

- Samina Virani

the crystal ball

Secret NYC Location (NYC, NY) Map it $40
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More Event Info (http://101010n.com/)
Your magical journey starts here: www.101010n.com ; password: crystals Save event for more information and special offers
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