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Flesh out the murky details of the Black Dahlia's 1947 disappearance.

City Gem

The Real Black Dahlia

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Esotouric rolls past the haunts of the so-called "Black Dahlia" to flesh out the details of her mysterious 1947 disappearance. The biographical bus ride kicks off at the opulent Biltmore Hotel, and makes its way past the former Crown Grill, where Short was last seen alive. Stops include a bygone bus terminal and the site where her body was discovered — bisected and drained of blood — at 39th and Norton. Focusing on Short's persona more than her death, the ride concludes with a novel and convincing hypothesis concerning the doomed dame's final days.

- Tanja M. Laden, Flavorpill

The Real Black Dahlia

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More Event Info (http://esotouric.com/blackdahlia)
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