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Performing Arts

Heralded as the finest open mic in the Bay Area

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

For 35 years, the Starry Plough has poured perfect pints of Guinness and served as a mainstay in the East Bay arts scene, hosting events seven nights a week that range from a raucous weekly Irish Céilí to the nationally renowned Berkeley Poetry Slam. And for 15 years now, Tuesday nights at the Starry Plough have been reserved for an open mic that is generally considered to be the best open mic in the Bay Area. Arrive at 7:30pm to sign up to perform, or just trickle in during the evening to sit back and enjoy the show (if you can find a seat; open mic nights tend to be standing room only). You'll be treated to musicians you've never heard of that you may never hear again, up-and-comers whom you recognize from the neighborhood coffeeshop, local singer-songwriters reminiscent of Jeff Buckley and Gillian Welch, an ever-changing lineup of acts that remind you week after week of the breathtaking depth of homegrown talent to be found if you're looking.

Bonnie Chan Editor

The Starry Plough Open Mic

Tuesdays 7:30pm

The Starry Plough Pub (3101 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA) Map it Free

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