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Free open art studio @ Materials for the Arts. Ribbon painting with artist-in-residence Vadis Turner

Small_c97fbeb4443531d89f70ca74d428976e Materials For the Arts

Join an evening of free art-making by creating abstract ribbon “paintings” with Materials for the Arts’ artist-in-residence Vadis Turner. On the Third Thursday of every month at Materials for the Arts, you are invited to make a reuse art project with unusual supplies found in our warehouse. Refreshments will be provided.

Vadis Turner’s Storm Systems resemble paintings, but are actually made with fabric and ribbon donated by NYC’s fashion industries to Materials for the Arts. Vadis re-imagines gender roles, rites of passage and the classification of heirlooms in a contemporary cultural context. Her craft-based process synthesizes her mixed media palette with her painting background. She “paints” with layers of ribbon, dyed clothing, and hand-sewn textiles; the materials become marks, drips and washes.

Her work highlights MFTA’s environmental impact and the value of reuse. She examines how to minimize our carbon footprint through art and investigates how repurposing discarded materials can reduce the damage caused to our urban environment.

Event sponsored by the Rauschenberg Foundation as part of the 2013 Marfa Dialogues on art and climate change.

Third Thursday Open Studio: Ribbon Paint

Thursday, October 17, 2013 6pm – 8pm

Materials for the Arts (33-00 Northern Boulevard, Long Island City, Queens, NY) Map it Free

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