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The journey of a high school sex ed teacher struggling with her own development.

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Shame. That’s what haunts high school teacher, Lillian Campbell. Both her own and that of her students. Lillian finds herself in the middle of a high school sex scandal involving her grade nine girls and the majority of the senior hockey team. In order to battle the humiliation and sexual shame forced upon the girls, she must first battle her own. Reliant on only a simple set, minimal props and one actor, the play explores not only the voice of Lillian herself at various stages of her own sexual development, but the voices of school staff, parents in the community and the students affected by the scandal.

Those Who Can't Do... will be at the Cherry Lane Theater on:
Friday, November 1 at 7pm,
Saturday, November 2 at 4pm,
Sunday, November 3 at 7pm,
Saturday, November 9 at 4pm

Those Who Can't Do...

November 1, 2013; November 2, 2013; November 9, 2013

Cherry Lane Theatre (38 Commerce Street, New York, NY) Map it $25

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