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Try a trio of unusual US whiskeys at the Greene Grape!

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The Greene Grape is doing one of the most unique tastings this Friday highlighting whiskeys from across the United States. The first tasting is New Holland Artisan Spirit’s Brewers Whiskey – Known for their craft beers, Michigan New Holland Brewing and their Malthouse Brewers Whiskey is distilled from finished beer. How does it come out? As scotch style whiskey with flavorful notes of spice, smoke, caramel and malt. The next tasting is from Peach Street Distillers Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Colorado. Peach Street distills from Olathe sweet corn and aged in Colorado white oak for two years. This is something completely distinctive with beautiful tastes of red fruits married to nuts with hints of vanilla. Final tasting is from Virginia Distillery Company Virginia Highland Malt Whisky- Virginia. Virginia Distillery Company sources aged, vatted malt from the best variety of Scottish Highlands (Balvenie, Clynelish etc.), blends them to taste and finishes them off in French oak wine barrels. It’s wonderfully complex with complements of baking spice, dried fruit, flowers, and chocolate.

- Matt Dorville, Flavorpill

Three Unusual US Whiskeys- Free Tasting at the Greene Grape

Friday, October 25, 2013 6pm

The Greene Grape (765 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217) Map it Free

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