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The conclusion of Tim Youd's typewriter performance of Charles Bukowski's "Post Office."

Picture?width=50&height=50 Tanja M. Laden

After 14 years working with the US Postal Service, Bukowski finally managed to quit his government job in 1969 and devote himself to writing full time, thanks to John Martin of Black Sparrow Press. Published in 1971, "Post Office" is a semi-autobiographical account of the author's adult years that also marked the beginning of Bukowski's career as a novelist. More than 40 years later, artist Tim Youd set up shop in the parking lot of Bukowski's erstwhile workplace, Downtown's Terminal Annex Post Office, in order to type the author's seminal work from beginning to end, all on the same sheet of paper. It's part of a series in which Youd "performs" works of modern literature in locations that are tied to the books themselves, using the same kind of typewriter the author used to create the original; in this case, an Underwood Champion. Youd also creates an accompanying visual piece with each exhibition that includes a self-portrait of himself on the typewriter along with what the artist describes as "sculpted typewriter 'portraits.'" Keep an eye out for Youd's forthcoming performances of works by Tom Wolfe, Kurt Vonnegut, Philip K. Dick, and Henry Miller and catch the conclusion of the Bukowski typewriter performance at Coagula Curatorial in conjunction with Perform Chinatown.

- Tanja M. Laden, Flavorpill

Tim Youd: Typing Charles Bukowski's "Post Office"

Saturday, July 27, 2013 3pm – 9pm

Coagula Curatorial (977 Chung King Road, Los Angeles, CA) Map it Free

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