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Pop-up interactive art exhibit that functions as a comedy club for baby dolls.

City Gem

Tiny Comedy Club

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Tiny Comedy Club is an interactive pop-up art exhibit and soundscape, going up October 10-23 at 266 West 37th Street in Manhattan. The exhibit is open to the public and is sponsored by Chashama.

For daily gallery hours, please visit http://www.chashama.org/event/comedy_club.

Tiny Comedy Club is a very tiny comedy club where anyone off the street can come in and perform for a very attentive audience of thirty baby dolls. The baby dolls will laugh and coo at very funny jokes and will cry at unfunny jokes, though the baby dolls are an especially giving audience that will laugh heartily and with gusto at even the most meager attempts at comedy. The exhibit is open daily and is created by Brooklyn comedian and producer, Jo Firestone.

Jo Firestone is a comedian and producer of comedy shows around Brooklyn and Manhattan. She is the creator/producer behind Friends of Single People, Motherf**kin’ Bingo, the New York City Inner Beauty Pageant, and co-creator/producer behind Punderdome 3000 and Ridgefield Middle School Talent Nite. Her work focuses on audience participation and inclusion, proving time and again that most people in New York can be huge f***ing weirdos.

- http://www.chashama.org/event/comedy_club

Tiny Comedy Club

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More Event Info (http://www.chashama.org/event/comedy_club)
1ec9fd49c4e428cabd8c5c0c66bf96a8?s=50 Added By jo firestone
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