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Acclaimed one-man comedy show, Tom Rubin–Success Guru written and performed by Harvard-educated comedian Tom Rubin (The Improv, Comedy Store, Ice House and Laugh Factory), and directed by Rocco Urbisci (Billy Crystal, Jamie Foxx, Whoopi Goldberg, Lily Tomlin, Roseanne, George Carlin and Richard Pryor) opens Tuesday, April 1st and runs on consecutive Tuesday nights through April 15th.
Tom Rubin turns success/self-help guru logic on its head in this mock motivational seminar. In his role as the anti-Tony Robbins, Tom comically dissects the methods and mantras offered by serious self-help gurus and replaces them with his own absurd (or perhaps not-so-absurd) system based on the premise that Failure Is An Option. This one-man show skewers self-help concepts ranging from positive thinking and empowerment to bucket lists and spiritual enlightenment. Broadwayworld.com says, Tom Rubin – Success Guru “Gets the audience cheering!”

- Tom Rubin


  • 7050f8e7a1927351aa887198f82c3b57?s=50
More Event Info (http://www.tomrubin-successguru.com)
7050f8e7a1927351aa887198f82c3b57?s=50 Added By Anita Lee
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