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Tom Stathes Halloween Cartoon Carnival

LaunchPad (721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238) Map it $10
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Are those cartoon character shrills and shrieks you hear? Get ready, Halloween is near!

It's time for TSCC #18, and Tom Stathes has hand-selected a group of weird, wacky, funny and SpOoKy 16mm cartoons from the 1920s thru the 1940s that will give you thrills, chills, and a tickled funny-bone. There will be some classic cartoon favorites and plenty of characters and scenarios you haven't seen, so...bring your family and friends along to this special screening that you'll all be sure to enjoy and remember with fright.

COSTUME CONTEST: Those who would like to come in *full* costume are eligible to win a copy of the Tom Stathes Halloween Reel DVD; a collection of favorites from the archive! Winner to be chosen by audience vote during intermission.

FUNDRAISER RAFFLE: There will also be a raffle for your chance to win a copy of the Halloween Reel DVD. Winner will be announced at the end of the show.

Tickets $10 at the door
**$8 per attendee in *full* costume! (Groucho glasses and cat ears don't qualify for the discount...but bring 'em too!)

Tom Stathes is a "Cartoon Cryptozoologist" with a rare film print collection comprised of over 1,000 shorts. Tom's long term goal has been to acquire and preserve as many early animated films as possible and reintroduce them to the public. For more information about Tom's activities, check out http://cartoonsonfilm.com/ and http://brayanimation.weebly.com/.

721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn
2/3/4/5/C to Franklin Ave
8pm; Pay what you wish

Tom Stathes Halloween Cartoon Carnival

LaunchPad (721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238) Map it $10
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42ee1d3be4fb51a9750160625a087607?s=50 Added By Zane Van Dusen
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