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Learn about trademarks for artists and other creatives.

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Are you planning to start a new business venture? Do you have a really great name for a product or service? Are you an artist who wants to use existing logos in your creative artwork? Join CLA and attorney Pankaj Raval for a workshop on trademarks -- what they are, what they mean, and ways they can help you create a strong brand identity. The workshop will provide a background on basic trademark law, including an introduction to trademark selection and registration, an overview of the spectrum of distinctiveness, and methods to enforce trademark rights. It will also cover the use of trademarks in business and art, protection for trade dress, and trademark dilution claims for famous marks. The workshop will be followed by a question and answer session. Free parking in the elevated city employee lot directly across from Art Share's entrance.

Pankaj Raval focuses on transactional work related to intellectual property, employment, entertainment, business, and the Internet. Pankaj counsels independent record labels, assists with website development, protects intellectual property, reviews entertainment contracts, and advises on film financing. Pankaj began practicing law as a litigation associate in Arizona. He gained critical litigation experience defending and prosecuting employment and securities actions for Michelin, Cox Communications, and Raytheon. He then moved his practice to California where he interned at MTV Networks in their Business and Legal Affairs Department working on various matters related to the entertainment industry, such as royalty agreements and international television syndication. Pankaj is licensed to practice law in California and Arizona.

- http://www.calawyersforthearts.org

Trademarks for Artists & Creative Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 7:30pm

Art Share LA (801 E 4th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90013) Map it $15

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