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20+ artists explore the effects of the internet and technology upon innocence, youth, and society.


Try To Forget: A Group Show

The Rat Factory (1443 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA, United States) Map it $5
Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Featuring digital works, video works, physical works, sound art performances, a sound installation, and a reading, Try To Forget is an ambitious exhibition, to say the least. Focusing on the effects the internet and related technologies have upon youth, innocence, and society at large, the group show consists of some 20+ artists exploring the topic from various angles, using different tools, plarforms, and media. There's no guarantee the art is going to be easy on the eyes, but it will surely stimulate the brain and provoke some thoughts.

Kateri O'Neil, Editor
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The show takes place at the Rat Factory Gallery above Glitter Death on Sunset and Highland.

digital works by

* Anthony Antonellis
* Jay Gambit
* Ian Aleksander Adams
* Terrell Davis
* Bebe Bones
* Natalie Hands
* Hush B Quiet
* Jim Anderson (GrimGrimGrim)
* Dave Hudson
* Spencer Keller
* Marci Pinna
* Mauzy Virginia
* Carlos A Etchverry
* Mattie Hillock
* Tracy Clark

video works by

* Molly Ryan
* H. Martis
* Estrid Lutz + Emile Mold
* Logan Owlbeemoth (Tachyons+)
* Faith Holland
* Vishal Nirvana

physical works by

* Trevor Brolin
* Jen Miller
* Gabe Martinez
* Rhys Jones
* Eron Rauch
* XE Davis
* Nora Quinn + Sammy Wong
* Trevor Treglia
* Jimmy Swill
* Rae Threat
* Dorian Wood
* Aria Maximillian
* Crystal Brackett
* James Marshall

a sound installation by

* Jay Gambit

a reading by

* Ian Dick Jones

stage design by

* Eron Rauch

lighting design by

* Obfuscated Visuals

live sound art performances by

* Bastard Noise and Witches Of Malibu
* Crowhurst
* Hive Mind
* Breakdancing Ronald Reagan (TX)
* Endometrium Cuntplow
* Circuit Rider

Presented by

* Glitter Death
* We Open Art Houses
* V/C/R
* Almost Holden Collective
* Dum Dum Zine
* Futra


- Try to Forget

Try To Forget: A Group Show

The Rat Factory (1443 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA, United States) Map it $5
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