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A man's fight for his political vision.

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In a region dominated by Social Democrats (SPD), the idealistic 25 year old Henryk Wichmann, a member of the conservative Christian Democratic Party (CDU) is on the election trail, campaigning in the rural eastern German district of Uckermark/Oberbarnim.
Armed with an arsenal of ballpoint pens, postcards, matchboxes, posters and the slogan “a fresh breeze will give politics new impetus,” Wichmann’s goal is to defeat the SPD incumbent Markus Meckel.
Though he has a rough road ahead, Mr. Wichmann is ready to fight for his political vision.

Andreas Dresen spent one month accompanying this Bundestag candidate on his tour through the constituency.
The result is a film about the absurd, sometimes wearying nature of a political campaign fought in Germany’s small towns and villages, but also a film about the difficulties politicians have in facing up to the realities of a disillusioned society.

German with english subtitles
Free Admission
+1 323 5253388

Vote for Henryk - Films of Andreas Dresen

Wednesday, February 12 7pm

Goethe-Institut Los Angeles (5750 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036) Map it Free

  • 73c2d12d6c5ad647ec0766a814cec7d2?s=50
73c2d12d6c5ad647ec0766a814cec7d2?s=50 Added By Goethe-Institut Los Angeles
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