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4-day yoga and music extravaganza set on the Hawaiian island of O'ahu


Wanderlust O'ahu Hawaii Flyaway - LA

Small_1c468ad3451e34b01aa2c32490ab6fba Wanderlust Festival

Quite possibly the greatest idea for a music festival or yoga retreat, Wanderlust has combined the excitement of headlining acts with the serenity of a yoga retreat. Founded in 2009, Wanderlust was created by long-time friends and music executives, Sean Hoess and Jeff Krasno, as well as Krasno's wife Schuyler Grant, a yoga teacher and studio owner.
Each year, Wanderlust takes breathtaking vistas in places like O'ahu, Hawaii, and combines them with top music billings such as Moby and renowned vinyasa flow teacher Shiva Rea. Whether you're in the mood to shake your asana to MC Yogi beatboxing over the om chant, take in some hoop dancing with Shakti Sunfire, kick back and relax with an evening film and a glass of wine, hike up a mountain trail, enjoy a nice farm-to-table dinner, or decide to do it all; you're certain to locate your center here.

To know more about the Wanderlust festival, please visit www.wanderlustfestival.com. And to become a fan of Wanderlust, go to www.facebook.com/wanderlust and follow Wanderlust on Twitter at www.twitter.com/wanderlustfest.
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Wanderlust O'ahu Hawaii Flyaway - LA

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