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Carnival comes to Brooklyn!

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

It's hard to believe, but this parade has been rocking for over 45 years! If you haven't visited during any one of those, make this the year you turn out for the West Indian American Day Carnival — you won't be disappointed. Countries from all around the Caribbean are represented (gregariously, always) in the parade, with blaring speakers stacked atop flatbed trucks and the roofs of buses; women in outlandish Carnival costumes (aka feathers, sequins, and not much else) dancing along side; and stand after stand of the best Caribbean soul food in Brooklyn. Fill up on curries of every kind (we've even come across a vegan goat curry), fried fish, callaloo, plantains, coco bread, and of course, jerk everything. Our advice: go with an empty stomach, and head over earlier in the day, as by the end of the parade things can get a bit hectic.

Mindy Bond Editor

West Indian Carnival Day Parade 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013 11pm – 6pm

Eastern Parkway (Utica Avenue & Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn) Map it Free

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