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White Faux Taxidermy Presents WILD THING: A Group Art show and Charity Auction


White Faux Taxidermy Presents: WILD THING A Group Art show and Charity Auction

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PROJECT Gallery is proud to host: White Faux Taxidermy Presents ‘Wild Thing’, a group art show and charity auction to benefit animal shelter and rescue team, STARTrescue.org. Home design company White Faux Taxidermy was created with the idea that their uniquely customizable and stylish faux pieces would pay homage to outdoor life without hurting animals in the process. For ‘Wild Thing’, White Faux Taxidermy resin animals have been given to twenty carefully selected artists, both local and international in their rawest form, creating a highly unique blank canvas. Each artist has made their chosen piece their own with only one simple rule: honor the animal. The results are handcrafted, original, one-of-a-kind pieces never seen before from these artists.

Participating artists are: Anthony Ausgang, Bob Rickett, Steve Olson, Ian Ross, Adam Wallacavage, Christopher Conn Askew, Nicolas Bowers, Marsha Perloff, Clam Lynch, Dominique Nagel, Brandon Boyd, Jeremy Kille, Lauren Virdone, Frankie Infante, Kevin Lozano, Allison Torneros, CANTSTOPGOODBOY, Holly Purcell, Elizabeth Conley and the Kenmore Elementary School/Kenmore, Washington.

White Faux Taxidermy Presents: WILD THING A Group Art show and Charity Auction

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More Event Info (http://www.projectla.net)
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