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A man's life begins to fall apart as the women in his life decide to leave him.

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Bernd Willenbrock is a successful used car salesman with a devoted wife, an accommodating mistress, a house in the suburbs, and a cottage in the country.
One day, seemingly out of nowhere, several cars are stolen from the lot. Bernd hires a night watchman, Fritz, partly to protect his business, and partly to get closer to Fritz’s attractive daughter, Anna.
Bernd’s situation continues to get worse, however, when he and his wife are robbed in their cottage in the middle of the night.
Soon after, Bernd’s life begins to fall apart as the women in his life decide to leave him.

Willenbrock marks Dresen’s first time directing adapted material, leading to a more formally constructed narrative compared to his usual improvised scripts.
He also sets aside his customary hand-held digital camera work in favor of nicely framed shots done on 35mm.
The result is an engaging film, part thriller, and part character study, with superb performances from all.

German with English subtitles
Free Admission
+1 323 5253388

Willenbrock - Films of Andreas Dresen Series

Wednesday, February 19 7pm


  • 73c2d12d6c5ad647ec0766a814cec7d2?s=50
73c2d12d6c5ad647ec0766a814cec7d2?s=50 Added By Goethe-Institut Los Angeles
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