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Cha's elaborate experimental game show

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Step right up one and all, Brooklyn-based artist Xavier Cha would like you to marvel at her Fruit Machine. A custom-built digital application, the Fruit Machine generates random combinations much like a slot machine. Bananas, limes, cherries… as the fruits fall in line, so too do the ensemble cast she’s gathered to perform. Each actor has been assigned a fruit icon. As the performers take their spots they pass language or a text between each other. The result is a dynamic chain of perception and interpretation. If you’re familiar with Cha’s work, you’re aware of her propensity for improvisation and randomness. For her solo show at the Whitney, a single performer outfitted with a “SnorriCam” performed in the space and the resulting video was projected on the wall, offering viewers two versions of the same experience. The innovative artist’s work for the New Museum she describes as being akin to an experimental game show. We suggest tuning in.

Mindy Bond Editor

Xavier Cha: Fruit Machine 2

December 20 – 21, 2013

New Museum (235 Bowery, New York, NY) Map it $12

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