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Take a deep breath, and get ready for the world's first major art exhibition about yoga


Yoga: The Art of Transformation

Asian Art Museum (200 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA) Map it
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Millions of people around the world practice yoga to find spiritual insight and improved health. While many are aware of yoga’s origins in India, few may know about its philosophical underpinnings or its fascinating history over thousands of years. Yoga: The Art of Transformation goes beyond postures and delves into how yoga has evolved into a global phenomenon through an exploration of its visual history. Borrowed from 25 museums and private collections in Europe, the U.S. and India, the artworks featured in the exhibition date from the 2nd to the 20th centuries. Images ranging from benevolent deities and gurus to Tantric goddesses and sinister yogis reveal how yoga practices—and perceptions of them—have transformed over time and across communities. Exhibition highlights include stunning masterpieces of Indian sculpture and painting; pages from the first illustrated book of yoga postures (asanas); and a Thomas Edison film, Hindoo Fakir (1902), the first American movie ever produced about India.

The Asian Art Museum is the only U.S. West Coast venue for this exhibition.

You can see the exhibition for just $10 on Thursday nights after 5 pm, when we're open until 9 pm

Yoga: The Art of Transformation

Asian Art Museum (200 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA) Map it
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More Event Info (http://www.asianart.org/exhibitions_index/yoga)
Tickets $5-$17 Save event for more information and special offers
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