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FT journalist Geoff Dyer visits Zócalo to discuss the geopolitical rivalry between the US and China.

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China has been booming for decades, but only now is the country beginning to channel its enormous power outward. The Chinese government is building a navy that could dominate Asia’s oceans. They’re working to shift the global reserve currency away from the dollar. And China has begun to use soft power to become a global cultural and political force in Africa and Latin America, often enjoying friendlier international relations than the United States. Meanwhile, the U.S. economy continues to struggle, and its attempts to set a global agenda–through military might, diplomacy, and trade–have often gone poorly. Is Beijing an unstoppable juggernaut, set to replace the United States as the world’s superpower, or is Washington being counted out too soon? Financial Times journalist Geoff Dyer, author of The Contest of the Century: The New Era of Competition with China–and How America Can Win, visits Zócalo to discuss how this geopolitical rivalry will define the 21st century and what America can do to stay on top.

- Zócalo

Zócalo Public Square: Is China Destined to Rule the World?

Thursday, February 13 7:30pm

Goethe-Institut Los Angeles (5750 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036) Map it Free

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